TMJ Treatment Washington, DC Dentist

TMJ Treatment An Overview

Washington DC dentists, Dr. John and Dr. Jeremi Arroyo have extensive post graduate training and over 40 years of combined experience diagnosing and treating complex dental problems, including TMJ. Dr. John and Dr. Jeremi are graduates of the Dawson Academy and practitioners of complete dentistry, understanding the benefits of addressing underlying dental problems that often compromise the effectiveness and longevity of results.

A type of bite disorder, TMJ is often characterized by debilitating symptoms that can ultimately affect daily life. Treating TMJ will not only resolve symptoms but restore a comfortable and functional bite for lasting dental health.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

In almost all cases, a TMJ disorder will cause tooth wear and may contribute to tooth decay and/or (gum) disease. There are common symptoms that can indicate TMJ:

  • Teeth grinding or clenching, often characterized by tooth wear
  • Frequent headaches
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Limited mobility in the jaw
  • Clicking or popping when opening or closing jaw
  • Earaches

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I have seen Dr. Jeremi Arroyo for a few years now and could not be happier. As somebody who flinches at the idea of going to a dentist, I have learned to trust Dr. Arroyo at a level well beyond all of my previous dentists. I have absolute confidence in him.Iain R.
25 years of coming to this family run practice and counting with unparalleled quality service. Highly recommended for anyone!B.M.
Dr. Arroyo and his staff are exceptional. After moving to DC I found Dr. Arroyo online. I had to go in as am emergency and he took me right away as a new patient. I was referred to a root canal specialist for treatment, but returned to Dr. Arroyo for a crown and multiple other issues. He has been kind, patient in addressing my concerns, and really made me feel at ease. I will definitely be recommending this practice to friends. The office staff has been great as well.Meg K.

TMJ Treatment What to Expect

During routine visits to District Dental Solutions, your dentist will look for signs of an underlying dental problem such as TMJ, but it is important to mention any of the above symptoms that you may be experiencing. Diagnosing and treating TMJ as early as possible can often prevent damage to the teeth and gums.

Treatment for TMJ

Dr. John or Dr. Jeremi Arroyo will thoroughly evaluate your dental health to determine the cause of your TMJ disorder and create a personalized treatment plan to restore your oral health. Treatment options may include:

  • Occlusal equilibration (bite correction): making changes to the fit of the bite by reshaping and/or removing tooth structure with restorative dentistry.
  • Splint therapy and TMJ mouthguards: a dental split can be helpful to help identify a comfortable and stable bite position. A custom mouthguard to prevent teeth grinding is a common treatment option.
  • Orthodontics: Invisalign or traditional braces may be recommended to straighten the teeth and restore balance to the bite.