Bleeding Gums Treatment Washington, DC

Bleeding gums is usually the first sign of gum disease. Routine visits to the dentist can help you prevent and manage gum disease in any stage. Dr. John and Dr. Jeremi Arroyo offer comprehensive periodontal therapy and screen patients for gum disease at every preventive dental care visit.

Dr. John and Dr. Jeremi Arroyo emphasize the important role that routine dental care can play in preventing gum disease. These routine visits provide the opportunity for us to spot the early warning signs of gum disease and offer conservative treatment to quickly restore health before permanent damage is done. Gum disease remains a leading cause of tooth loss in adults today.
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Treatment for Bleeding Gums

If you notice that your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth, discuss this with Dr. John or Dr. Jeremi at your next visit to the Arroyo Center for Aesthetic Dentistry in Washington, DC. There are a number of treatment options for bleeding gums depending on your condition:

  • Routine Dental Cleaning: The best way for you to prevent gum disease and bleeding gums is routine dental care. Our dental cleanings are performed by a registered dental hygienist who will gently remove plaque and tartar from around the teeth and gums.
  • Scaling & Root Planing: If you have bleeding gums, we may recommend an intensive cleaning procedure known as scaling and root planing. Dr. John or Dr. Jeremi Arroyo will remove plaque and tartar from deep pockets of the gum and smooth the surface of tooth roots.