Dental Concerns Washington, DC Dentist

The diagnosis and treatment of dental concerns is an important part of our dentistry and the key to restoring lasting oral health. Traditional dental concerns such as tooth pain, damaged or missing teeth, and sore gums often bring a patient to our Washington, DC dentist office. But there are a variety of signs, symptoms or cosmetic conditions that many patients do not recognize as a dental health concern. District Dental Solutions treats a variety of oral issues and concerns, including:

Dr. John and Dr. Jeremi Arroyo have over 40 years of combined experience in treating the dental concerns of their patients. Individualized care that will keep your natural smile healthy in the long run.

If you have a dental concern, please schedule a visit or mention it during your upcoming preventive care visit with either Dr. John or Dr. Jeremi Arroyo. They take the time to perform a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the entire occlusal system to look for signs of instability and wear; indicating an underlying dental problem that can compromise both dentistry and oral health.