Downtown Washing DC Dentist | 5 Key Benefits of Dental Crowns

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Tooth decay and injury are the two main reasons why teeth become damaged. Should this happen, you and the dentist will decide how much of the tooth can be saved. Dental crowns are an effective way to repair a damaged tooth. Crowns can help maintain your smile and restore the functionality of chewing and biting.

Located right here in our nation’s capital, Dr. Jeremi Arroyo and Dr. John Arroyo, Jr. want their patients to know and understand all of the treatment options that are available along with the advantages that they provide. 

At District Dental Solutions, we use a mold of the existing damaged tooth to create a new tooth cover/crown that matches your surrounding teeth. This crown is then placed over the damaged tooth and allows it to function as if it were one of your natural teeth; restoring and improving your smiling and eating. Below are some of the reasons why a dental crown might be the right option for you

1. Relieves Discomfort

As part of a treatment plan to restore and improve the function of your teeth, Drs. Arroyo use crowns to repair the structure of the tooth and enamel. Crowns are often used if there is extensive damage to the tooth due to decay or injury to the tooth (chips, fractures and breaks). In cases of severe damage, you may feel pain or may have constant discomfort from drinking and chewing. 

Once the underlying cause of the problem is diagnosed, Drs. Arroyo will devise an appropriate treatment plan, which could include filling or a crown or perhaps an even more invasive procedure such as a root canal. The crown can reduce your tooth sensitivity and also protect the tooth from further damage.

2. Simple Procedure

Getting a dental crown is not a complex procedure. It is a rather simple procedure and minimally invasive. The damaged parts of your unhealthy tooth will be removed and the enamel cleaned and prepped, Drs. Arroyo will then make a mold of your tooth so that a cast can be done. It will take about 2 weeks for your permanent crown to cast. In the meantime, a temporary crown will be placed over your tooth while you wait to be fitted with your permanent crown. The permanent crown will then be placed over your existing tooth with a very strong bonding cement. 

3. Custom-Made

All crowns are custom-made for each patient. Drs. Arroyo will match the size and shape of your tooth, including the particular shade of white that closely matches your current teeth. Initially, you may have a little swelling after the crown is placed but soon you may even forget you have one, and unless you mention it, most people won’t even know you have one.

4. Restore your smile

Not only can crowns restore functionality to damaged teeth, they can improve the look of your smile cosmetically. Crowns are used to correct many imperfections including discoloration from foods and crooked teeth. They may also be used to correct broken/chipped/fractured teeth as well. 

Because some of these issues are purely cosmetic, your insurance company may not cover the procedure; similar to porcelain veneers or bonding. The staff here at District Dental Solutions will guide you through the insurance process discussing what is and what is not covered

5. Dental crowns last for years

Drs. Arroyo only use the finest materials in creating dental crowns. As long as patients practice good oral hygiene including daily brushing and flossing along with routine dental cleanings and examinations, dental crowns can last from 15 to 30 years.

Restorative Dental Crowns in Washington, DC

If you would like to correct your dental issues or improve the look of your smile, District Dental Solutions is here to discuss your options. If you work or live in the Washington, DC, contact us online or call us at (202) 955-5787 to learn more about dental crowns or any other dental treatments including routine care.