Downtown Washington DC Dentist | Tips For Protecting Your Teeth This Summer

Tips For Protecting Your Teeth This Summer Now that it is summertime and your kids are home and schedules are changing, it is important to remember to maintain good dental care. Keeping your usual brushing and flossing routine can help keep your oral health on track. At District Dental Solutions, Dr. Arroyo and our dental care team are committed to helping our patients achieve a healthier smile.

Try to incorporate these keep tips to improve your oral health. If you have any questions regarding your dental health, you can visit our Washington, DC dental office.

Protect Your Teeth

Staying hydrated is always important, but it is especially in the summertime heat. Dehydration can have negative effects on your dental health. Dehydration can cause dry mouth and swell your tongue, making it hard to keep your mouth moist. The problem here is that you need saliva to rinse your mouth of leftover food particles and plaque. Dehydration can put you at a greater risk for infection and tooth decay.

Avoid chewing on ice even though it seems like a good idea to stay hydrated. Ice can chip your teeth or cause major damage to existing dental work.

Cut down on sugar to prevent tooth decay and loss of enamel

Make a family dentist appointment before you travel to avoid any dental problems on vacation. Getting access to a good dentist while traveling can be difficult and takes time away from the trip. Prevent this by going to the dentist before you leave and have a carefree, pain-free vacation.

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Schedule an appointment with Dr. Arroyo at District Dental Solutions. Dr. Arroyo and our dental care team will work with you to improve your smile. We offer a complete range of restorative, general, and cosmetic dentistry treatments to address your dental concerns. To schedule an appointment, call (202) 955-5787 or request an appointment online.