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Do you need to have your wisdom teeth removed?

Visit District Dental Solutions in Washington, DC for your dental needs. Restorative dentists Dr. Jeremi Arroyo and Dr. John Arroyo take the time to properly examine your teeth to determine which course of action will best suit your needs. If you do need to have your wisdom teeth removed, we may be able to perform the procedure in our Washington, DC dental office or work in coordination with a local oral surgeon to get you the treatment you need.

What are wisdom teeth?

Your wisdom teeth are the third set of molars, which usually develop in your late teens and early twenties. Generally speaking, when your wisdom teeth develop properly, patients won’t need to get them removed. However, your wisdom teeth often develop misaligned, which can cause damage to your existing teeth. Wisdom teeth don’t always break through the gums, which may leave you more prone to infection gum disease, and tooth decay if you don’t get them properly removed. Your wisdom teeth may not have enough room to erupt, causing unnecessary pressure and discomfort on your existing teeth. Patients will need to have their wisdom teeth removed if they are compromising the health of the existing teeth.

How are wisdom teeth removed?

Depending on the location and position of your wisdom tooth, it can be removed in a few ways. If it is deemed that your wisdom tooth needs to be removed, an experienced oral surgeon or one of our dentists may need to perform a tooth extraction to safely and properly remove your wisdom teeth. Patients may receive dissolvable stitches or stitches that will require them to visit our Washington, DC dental office. Patients will be put under local anesthetic to help them remain comfortable and relaxed throughout their procedure. Patients often have little to no memory of their procedure.

What does the recovery period entail?

After the anesthesia wears off, patients may experience slight discomfort near the extraction site. Patients may find relief by using an ice pack, over the counter pain medication, and getting rest. Depending on your specific case, some patients may be prescribed an antibiotic. Drs. Arroyo will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to keep the extraction site problem free. The healing stage of wisdom teeth removal is imperative to the overall success of your treatment.

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