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Patients can lose teeth due to trauma, accident, or poor oral hygiene. Finding the ideal tooth replacement can help restore function and beauty back to your smile. Washington, DC restorative dentists Dr. Jeremi Arroyo and Dr. John Arroyo have years of experience creating and maintaining beautiful smiles. Drs. Arroyo will examine your existing teeth and determine which replacement option will best suit your dental needs. If replacing your teeth just seems like a daunting task, contact our Washington, DC dental office and let us and our skilled staff get you started on your journey.

Why You Should Replace Your Missing Teeth

Replacing your missing teeth in a timely fashion can minimize your chance of developing jawbone deterioration. Patients with jawbone deterioration have fewer options when it comes to tooth replacement.

Replacing Your Missing Teeth

Replacing your missing teeth is a meticulous process. Drs. Arroyo takes the time to address your concerns, goals, budget, and overall oral health before deciding which replacement option is right for your smile. Drs. Arroyo will perform a comprehensive exam to properly check your mouth, teeth, gums, and bone structure to determine which tooth replacement option will provide the most natural looking, functional solution for your smile.

Tooth Replacement Solutions:

  • Dental Implants– Used to replace one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are one of the most durable, natural-looking replacement options.
  • Dentures– Used to replace the top, bottom, or both arches of missing teeth. Dentures can be secured using dental implants for a more secure solution.
  • Dental Bridges– Used to replace one or multiple missing teeth. Traditionally, dental bridges rely on neighboring teeth for support. However, a dental bridge can depend on dental implants for a more secure support system.

Drs. Arroyo will work with you to determine if a dental implant, dentures, or a dental bridge is right for your smile.

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Vist our Washington, DC dental office to explore your tooth replacement options. Drs. Arroyo will take the time to address your needs and provide the dental treatment you need. Patients can call our office to schedule an appointment or schedule an appointment online.