Downtown Washington DC Dentist | How Eating Can Improve Your Oral Health

Eating right for whiter teeth, Washington, DCCertain foods may help improve the health of your smile. Some foods are effective at cleaning up plaque while some may actually help your teeth look whiter. Incorporating some of these nutritious foods into your diet can help you enjoy your optimal oral health. Washington DC dentist Dr. John and Jeremi Arroyo suggest a healthy diet as a piece of their patient’s preventative oral health routine.

Healthy Diet, Healthy Smiles

Yogurt: Yogurt is packed with calcium, protein and probiotics. Yogurt’s probiotics can help fight off bad bacteria that are linked to the cause of cavities or gum disease. Also look for yogurt that is unsweetened to avoid eating too much sugar.

Cheese: Often criticized for a high-fat content, hard cheese may actually help improve your oral health. Cheese can raise pH levels in your saliva and help deter the development of cavities. Cheese is also high in calcium and protein for healthy and strong bones. In moderation, cheese can help improve your oral health.

Leafy Greens: High in calcium, folic acid, and vitamin B, dark leafy greens are nature’s super food. A diet high in vitamin B is known to help pregnant women fight gum disease while offering a full range of other health benefits.

Celery: Celery is packed with vitamin A and C and fiber, celery can help improve your oral health. Eaten raw, celery is kind of like nature’s toothbrush. Celery can help remove plaque and strengthen your tooth enamel.

Preventative Dental Care Washington DC

Your oral health impacts your overall health. Healthy teeth help support your healthy body improving the quality of your life. Preventative dental care should consist of many different elements including brushing, flossing, biannual dental check ups and a healthy diet. Drs. Arroyo and Arroyo offer comprehensive and personalized dental care for their patient’s optimal oral health. To find out what dental treatments can help to restore and rebuild the function, beauty and health of your smile, call our Washington DC dentist office to schedule a consultation.