Downtown Washington DC Dentist | Dental Implants FAQ

Dental implants FAQDental implants offer a natural looking tooth replacement treatment for your optimal long-term oral health. Whether you are missing one tooth, or many teeth, dental implants can provide a stable and healthy oral foundation. Washington, DC District Dental Solutions offers teeth implants as a permanent solution for tooth loss. Drs. John and Jeremi Arroyo offer some answers to some commonly asked questions.

  • What Are The Benefits of Having a Dental Implant Procedure?
    Dental Implants offer a wide range of long term oral health benefits. They are a comfortable and natural looking missing tooth replacement option. Implants actually replace the missing root structure. Because the implant can fuse with the natural bone, implants are structurally beneficial to your jaw bone and help to prevent premature deterioration. Dental implants can be used to permanently secure a denture, bridge or dental crown. Dental implants provide a sense of security that traditional dentures can not. Because the implant is secured in the jaw, patients do not have to fear the embarrassment associated with denture slippage. Implants are a long lasting dental restoration that can last up to 25 years with proper oral hygiene.
  • What Are Dental Implants Made Of?
    Drs. Arroyo uses only the most advanced technology and materials for all dental restorations. The dental implant itself is made of high-quality titanium and then topped with a ceramic dental crown. Today’s dental implant materials offer natural and aesthetically pleasing results. Many patients say people can not tell the difference between their implant and their natural teeth.
  • Can dental implants get cavities?
    No, dental implants can not develop tooth decay. They are highly stain resistant and will not yellow or become discolored. However, dental implants, like your natural teeth should be brushed and flossed daily. Dental implants rely on healthy gum tissue and bone structure to stay properly implanted. Twice yearly dental cleanings and regular at-home oral hygiene can keep your implant healthy for many years.

Why choose District Dental Solutions for Dental Implants?

During a one-on-one consultation, Drs. Jeremi and John Arroyo will listen to your oral health concerns and cosmetic goals. Arroyo Center for Aesthetic Dentistry practices complete dentistry to help restore your smile so you may enjoy your optimal oral health.