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The Truth About Fluoride

There is a lot of information floating around about the safety and effectiveness of fluoride. Washington, DC District Dental Solutions wants you to know the facts about fluoride.Take our Fluoride Fact quiz to test your dental knowledge.

  1. Fact or Fiction: Fluoride does not decrease cavity development.
  2. Fact or Fiction: Fluoridation of my city water does not benefit my community.
  3. Fact or Fiction: Water fluoridation is safe.
  4. Fact or Fiction: Fluoride is actually naturally occurring in some water.

Facts About Fluoride:

  1. Fiction. Fluoride has shown to reduce cavities up to as much as 25%. Fluoride helps to decrease the development of cavities by increasing the strength of your enamel. Products like toothpaste are fortified with fluoride for the added cavity prevention.
  2. Fiction. According to the ADA approximately 75% of the United States population receives healthy levels of fluoride in their city water. Fluoridated water benefits the oral health of your entire community regardless of their income. Every child in your community will get the same benefit of developing stronger teeth .
  3. Fact! With 70 years of studies to back the message, water fluoridation is safe. There is no significant data to suggest that fluoride is anything but safe for people of all ages. Fluoride can help protect your oral health!
  4. Fact. Fluoride is naturally occurring in many bodies of water in varying amounts. Cities add fluoride to water to ensure residents are receiving the appropriate amount of fluoride to help support their optimal oral health.

Preventive care supplemented with fluoride is the best way to keep your smile healthy, functional and beautiful. Regular visits to our Washington, DC dentist office for oral health check ups and dental cleanings can help support your best oral health. Schedule a dental health exam with Dr.John or Jeremi Arroyo.