Downtown Washington DC Dentist | Oral Health Impacts of Smoking

Oral Health Impacts of SmokingWe hear it all the time, smoking is bad for your health. But do you know how it can be directly detrimental to your oral health? Washington DC dentists Drs. John and Jeremi Arroyo encourage patients to avoid tobacco use of any kind to protect the health of your teeth and gums.

6 Oral Health Impacts Caused By Smoking

  1. Discolored and yellowing of teeth are common side effects of smoking. Smoking can prematurely age the appearance of your smile. Yellow teeth are unsightly and not desirable.
  2. Dulled sense of taste and reduction in saliva production. Your taste buds can be dulled by the tar and toxins in cigarettes.
  3. Smoking also decreases saliva production which may lead to dry mouth. Dry mouth is a common cause for increased tooth decay and cavity development in adults.
  4. May experience slowed healing time after oral surgeries. If you need a tooth extraction or other advanced dental procedures, you may not heal as fast as non smokers. The toxins in cigarettes and other tobacco products can stunt your cell regeneration process.
  5. Gum Disease is a serious medical condition. Gum disease can lead to habitually bad breath, receding gums and even tooth loss. Your oral health is directly linked to your overall health. Gum disease is linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attacks.
  6. Oral cancer is much more common in those who smoke. Oral cancer is a potentially life threatening disease that is directly linked to the use of tobacco products.

How To Reverse Negative Oral Health Effects Of Smoking

The only sure way to stop future oral health damage caused by smoking is by quitting. There are many resources available to assist in the quitting process. Drs. Arroyo & Arroyo may be able to help reverse some damage caused to your teeth and gums.

Professional teeth cleanings can help to remove some of the build up and bad breath caused by tar and tobacco. Routine cleanings are recommended by the ADA twice a year to keep teeth and gums in optimal health.

Teeth whitening can also help reduce the appearance of staining and yellowing typical of habitual smokers. District Dental Solutions offers revolutionary KoR Whitening Deep bleaching System. This whitening system can help whiten and brighten teeth with reduced sensitivity.